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Workshop for kids : Create your own forest

Workshop for kids

Eva Jospin, exhibited at the Fondation Thalie from 15 April to 23 September, creates landscapes that can take the form of cardboard bas-reliefs, embroideries or even drawings. This nature is an invitation to project our dreams into it. Remember that night in the forest when the simple crack of a branch made you imagine so many things. Remember the darkness that made you mistake dogs for wolves.

To accompany Eva Jospin’s talk, the Thalie Foundation offers a workshop for kids where you can build your own forest full of stories.

Create your own forest:

The foundation is organising a workshop for kids based on the exhibition Panorama by Eva Jospin. It will be divided into 3 parts. First, Valère Gilles, in charge of mediation at the Thalie Foundation, will give a guided tour of the exhibition. He will tell you about all the stories we imagine in the forest. Then, in the Foundation’s workshop, you will
build your own forest out of cardboard in the manner of Eva Jospin (creation of shapes, cut-outs, collages). Finally, everyone will create a story about their forest.

Date :
Wednesday 7 June from 4 to 6 pm.

Who is it for?
10 children, between 8 and 13 years old


Workshop leader :
Agathe Perrin
Agathe Perrin is a 5th year student at La Cambre, in book and paper
design. Every Wednesday she gives a ceramics workshop for children.
Passionate about art and crafts, she develops educational projects to
make this passion accessible to all.