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The mission

Founded in 2014 by collector Nathalie Guiot, the Fondation Thalie hosts exhibitions by both historic and emerging international artists in a 1920s house in Brussels, an art collection, and a program of artistic and educational activities. The Fondation Thalie aims to promote dialogue between the visual arts and know-how through its exhibition program and supports the work between the arts and ecological transition, notably through its podcast cycle “Créateurs Urgence Climat“. A residency for artists and authors in Brussels and Arles and the Ishtar publishing house, dedicated to contemporary writing are an additional way in which the foundation works to uphold its commitments.


The Foundation defends 3 main axes:

  • Supporting contemporary creation with a special focus on women and keeping know-how alive and thriving.
  • Initiating and encouraging dialogue between artists and scientists in the face of ecological urgency
  • Promoting contemporary writing



The Foundation sees its actions in four ways:

SUN The Brussels house and its transdisciplinary and innovative programming, its residences, and its exhibit space are the historical headquarters of the Foundation.

MOON New exhibition and residencies space in Arles, France. Other similar projects are being created, they will be seen in MOON.

SATELLITES Projects and co-productions beyond the walls of the house.

PLANETS The Foundation’s community. You support the same questionings about our future and you are our ambassadors!



The Fondation Thalie acts through the prism of our artistic practices and creative writing, in favour of causes that shake our ecosystems and force us to change for future generations

Launched online during the pandemic in 2020, the podcast Creators facing the Climate Emergency facilitates the dialogue between artists and scientists. The goal is to spread knowledge, raise awareness, particularly in the contemporary art world, so that they may become a true agent of change, and think of new production modes which are more respectful of natural resources: How does the climate crises affect artistic practices? How can we preserve biodiversity and construct new narratives to take action?

With more than 40 artists and scientific experts invited since its creation, these conversations, watched by over 34,000 people, aim to create collaborations between the disciplines and to give a voice to the new generation of artists committed to a green transition.

In resonance with these themes, the residency annually publishes a thematic call to project. With several hundred applications each year, the calls are a photograph of the emerging creative and of the commitments of these creators. A regularly updated jury of professionals creates a unique community of experts.

The team

Julien Amicel


Jenna Barberot

Head of Communication & Production

Héloïse Robinot

Communication & production officer

Chiara Vecchiarelli

Curator in charge of the program “Créateurs Urgence Climat”

Flora Fettah

Publications officer

Yann Chateigné Tytelman

Guest curator of the Brussels residencies

Eugénie Lefebvre

Guest curator of the residencies in Arles