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#3 Talk Marlène Huissoud & Tarik Chekchak: Biomimicry, finding inspiration from the living world

The Foundation gives a voice to visual artists, writers, philosophers and filmmakers in an online conversation format and in pairs.
These exchanges aim at questioning the current world, raising awareness, creating new narratives in the light of the health and ecological crisis.
– Which commitment and responsibility do the artist and the philosopher have regarding this crisis?
– How are artistic and writing practices impacted? Which behaviour should individually and collectively be implemented?
– What new way to produce and display art while public engagement becomes increasingly immaterial?
– Which vision and creativeness to be impulsed for reinventing tomorrow’s world?


Guests: Marlène Huissoud, designer & Tarik Chekchak, director of the biomimetrics pole at Institut des Futurs souhaitables. This talk is moderated by Nathalie Guiot.

Themes: Eco-design and regenerative economy / Perceive in the living less a resource than a living being / Concept of care in Design / Relocation of the economy / Change of posture to create symbioses between the human and the non-human

Bibliographic references cited
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Ouvrage collectif, sous la dir. de G. Chapelle et K. Raskin, Humanité bio-inspirée: une autre approche
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Graduated from Central Saint Martins Schools (London), Marlène Huissoud explores the creative possibilities of insects through bees and silkworms. Her work partly made of silk cocoons questions the impact of humankind and make creative thought as a determining path to open up new narratives. Marlène Huissoud has received numerous awards for her eco-design innovations, including the Wood Awards for her beehive ‘Beehave’ for the Science Museum of London. She has presented her work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Art Basel, Basel and the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.


Director of the Biomimicry Unit at the Institut des Futurs souhaitables, Tarik Chekchak was for 12 years head of the “Science and Environment” programme of the NGOs Equipe Cousteau and The Cousteau Society. As an ecological engineer by training specialized in promoting and preserving natural environments, he develops programmes for the protection of aquatic biodiversity. He is one of the French pioneers of biomimicry that he deploys as a new position regarding living organisms and as a tool for accelerating eco-design. Tarik Chekchak helps organisations and territories in building innovation and transition strategies to serve our desirable futures. Passionate about polar environments, he is also a polar expedition leader.