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A coffee with artworks : What if this landscape was just an immense garden ?

Once a month, we invite you for a presentation of a selection of works from the collection, an exclusive and convivial moment to discuss together the themes and movements of contemporary art over the last fifty years. A sensitive experience designed to reveal invisible relationships and to give free rein to the interpretation in a small group of enthusiasts.

This third encounter will explore the notion of landscape and, more broadly, our relationship with nature, through a display of textile works by Elise Peroi and Desire Moheb-Zandi, and wide-angle, natural light seascapes photographs by Nicolas Floc’h.


  • Elise Peroi (France, 1990), through weaving and performing, creates sculptural gardens that question our relationship to nature.
  • Desire Moheb-Zandi (Germany, 1990) weaves stylised landscapes from found materials. The colourful renderings are accomplished in her invitation to gently touch her works.
  • Nicolas Floc’h (France, 1970) has been developing, for the last ten years, a photographic production linked to global changes and to the definition of underwater landscape
  • A transversal reading will address the question of the landscape, the garden, and their link with textile art. Did you know that Persian carpets, filled with vegetal motifs, are in reality winter gardens made so that one can, regardless of the weather, inhabit the landscape? Michel Foucault considers Persian carpets as “heterotopias”, localized utopian places. Have you heard of those aboriginal nomads who create the landscape by singing and for whom, therefore, nothing is more dangerous than singing out of tune? Through the reading of Tim Ingold, we will finally look for a link between walking and weaving.


  • To (re)discover artists from the foundation’s collection. So much beauty, so many potential journeys are waiting to be discovered.
  • To take part in a mediation oriented on exchange and dialogue.
  • To get to grips with central themes of Eva Jospin’s work by confronting them with other cultures and concepts.


The event is led by  Valère Gilles who is in charge of mediation at the Fondation Thalie.

Reduced price for students, teachers, -26, job seekers, SMART members