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Museum Night Fever 2022

The Foundation takes part for the first time at the Museum Night Fever and invites you to a programme of workshops and sound performances specially designed for the occasion, in dialogue with the Warché exhibition.



■ 7pm > 10pm
Briquography, brick scraps as creative material by Anna Saint-Pierre
Participative workshop on the reuse of materials

The designer Anna Saint-Pierre invites you to explore the plastic qualities of brick
waste extracted from building site skips or brickworks, by sampling and creating a colour chart.
Anna Saint Pierre’s work focuses on the in situ reuse of architectural waste, which she approaches through the prism of built memory. She intervenes in architectural projects to identify future resources among deconstruction waste and to design second-life materials: the memory of the old building becomes a component of the new project.



10pm > midnight
Sound performance by Vica Pacheco and Baptiste le Chapelain
Curated by moli del tro

The musicians Vica Pacheco and Baptiste le Chapelain offer a sound performance that resonate directly with the work of the architect Lina Ghotmeh currently exhibited at the foundation. Here, the architect takes over the floor of the exhibition space, carpeting it with locally sourced bricks—demonstrating her commitment to this organically sourced material and to earthen architecture, an ancient tradition in nearby Middle Eastern countries and the Mediterranean region.

Ana Victoria aka Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico in 1993, she lives and works in Brussels. She studied Art at La Esmeralda in México City before graduating from Villa Arson in 2017. Her artistic work is above all eclectic and energetic, regardless of her sources of inspiration and her concerns for mythological crossbreeding and sincretism, she likes to arrange the most heterogeneous or hazardous elements between them, to produce sound performances and installations . She has a practice rooted in music and sound art, but also a plastic practice going through ceramics and 3d animation.
she also performs in duo with Baptiste le Chapelain under the name of Xolot.


moli del tro is a label based in Brussels and Paris. Founded by Laurence Creyf architect, and Gilles 
Vanneste freelance programmer, founder of Les Actionnaires gigs and parties in Brussels and Paris.


From 7pm
Foodtruck by Le Bain des Dames




Practical information

Events from 7pm to midnight
Fondation Thalie, 15 rue Buchholtz 1050 Brussels
Book your ticket online on the Museum Night Fever website



In partnership with Brussels Museums