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× Living in time: walking with Jean-François Pirson

Poetic walk led by Jean-François Pirson organized in the context of the Warché exhibition

This price is valid for one adult (with the possibility of being accompanied by a child under 12)


Practical information


For this silent march, we will be waiting for you on Saturday 1 October at about 1.50 pm in front of the main entrance of the Abattoirs d'Anderlecht, rue Ropsy Chaudron, ten minutes from the Delacroix metro station.

-Well equipped to walk in any weather,
-With a writing utensil,
-Water or other beverage, a possible snack.

We will leave silently (all appliances switched off) at 2pm, crossing the Abattoirs, for a long travelling time of about 165 minutes. Our senses will be open, attentive to the beating of the city we are crossing, to the rhythm of our steps, to the ground beneath our feet, to the inhabited space, to the articulation of the dwellings between them, to the atmosphere of the neighbourhoods, to the movements of the clouds.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Jean-François Pirson


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