The Fondation Thalie

Created in 2014, the Fondation Thalie aims to support and promote contemporary creation committed to societal themes for the purpose of transmitting and sharing knowledge as well as arousing cultural exchanges.

The actions
• Promotion and dissemination of the international artistic and cultural scene in the form of a multidisciplinary program combining visual art, performance and contemporary thought in Brussels
• Creation support through residencies (by invitation), publications
• Production support, commissioned works, co-productions with institutions
• Mediation and community projects

A venue in Brussels
In April 2018, the Foundation opened a venue in Brussels where visual artists, designers and authors can compare their practices in a collaborative and transversal way through a program that crosses visual arts, performance and contemporary thought. The Foundation hosts artists, authors and curators in residence and produces two annual exhibitions.

The architecture
Near the Avenue Louise and Ixelles ponds, in the heart of the gallery district, the house, seat of the foundation, was built in 1924 by the architect Jean Hendricks. It has been completely renovated to welcome the foundation’s activities by the duo Vanden Eeckhoudt – Creyf architects, in a contemporary style, while preserving its modernist spirit.

Outside the walls
The Fondation Thalie is involved outside the walls by initiating and producing artistic actions or projects in Europe and internationally aimed at communities in order to help their access to art and emancipation along.


Nathalie Guiot, Founder

Nathalie Guiot, 2018 © Cici Olsson

“I wanted a place that brings together and federates a community, a place for artists, the first ambassadors of this long-term project. A public place of sharing and encounters around creation. A transversal place that experiments and gives to see a living and engaged creation, a speech, gestures, dance, texts, a sharing of knowledge and the ambition to decompartmentalize artistic practices. A place that conveys a thought, that of investigating through art the major issues of our society “.

An Author, curator, publisher and art collector, Nathalie Guiot studied journalism and communication. She founded Anabet Éditions in the 2000s and in 2012, created Thalie Art Project, an association that produces artistic and performative encounters. The association has become now a private foundation. Founding member of the Tokyo Art Club (Palais de Tokyo), Nathalie Guiot is a member of the Design Acquisition Committee at the Pompidou Center and active sponsor of other cultural institutions in France and Belgium.
On the initiative of the Thalie fund (hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation), she is committed to education issues, initiating and supporting an artistic and educational program in a school of the Untouchable caste in India.
Nathalie Guiot is also curator of the exhibitions Textile language (2013) on the Indian art scene and Wabi Sabi Shima on the Japanese art scene (2015), as well as producer of Experienz (2013), a performances platform at WIELS. She is the author of “Collectors, the VIPs of contemporary art” (Anabet Éditions, 2008), “Conversations, the artist and the collector”, (BlackJack Editions, 2013).