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Des hommes en trop, a film by Philippe Terrier-Hermann

Coproduction: Centre Pompidou, with support from the Pôle image Haute-Normandie, Fondation Thalie and Nokto Productions.

As part the festival Hors Pistes 2016 at the Centre Pompidou, video artist Philippe Terrier-Hermann presented a work made in collaboration with the sociologist Smaïn Laacher, ‘Des hommes en trop’ (‘surplus men’), a performance installation exploring the relationship between Western man and the concept of the Other. The artist sets the scene for a reflection on the semantic figure of the migrant. As a body floating weightlessly, supported by neither the law nor the ground, he shares his philosophical explorations through a dialogue between a panel of women of a certain age, and these men who rove like hunted animals, who tell their stories directly into the camera. It is a moving performance that bears witness to all that the figure of the illegal immigrant represents, the fears and fantasies they evoke in the collective subconscious.

With Gabrielle Lazure, Tanya Lopert, Judith Magre, Mireille Perrier, Nathalie Richard, Pascal Amando, Birane Ba, Julien Béramis, Corentin Fila, Nessim Kahloul, Benoit Oswald and Mehdi Meskar.