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Out of the Box

The Fondation Thalie supported the program Out of the Box for the first session 2015-2016 and the session 2016-2017.

An out-of-the-ordinary creative education
Almost 35% of young Belgians ages of 15 and 20 drop out of a traditional school education, refuse to attend school, and deliberately put themselves on the fringes of any kind of learning.

Informing rather than instructing, introducing imagination and wit into information and training, inspiring new ideas, combining art with apprenticeship, mixing pleasure and perseverance etc.

A social and cultural mix is crucial in this experimental method, with its sights set on a multi-disciplinary model, a place of transition and mediation. This involves several conditions and rules to be complied with: recognition of and respect for others, responsibility for one’s own commitments, and a refusal of mediocrity.

The program
The program is based on an original method whose main goals are the development of greater self-confidence and a sense of well-being helping students to recognize the pleasures of learning by way of specific educational activities.

– Self-discovery and self-knowledge
– Discovery and knowledge of things around us
– Discovery and knowledge of the world

Out of the box

Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 97 – 1040 Brussels