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Living in time: walking with Jean-François Pirson

And for you? What does living mean? To extend the questioning of the architecture on the Future in the light of the ruins of the Present, as suggested in the Warché exhibition currently at the Foundation, Jean-François Pirson invites us to a philosophical walk in Ixelles, the Foundation’s neighborhood. His pedagogical approach tends, through experience, to broaden our conception of architecture and housing. His desire is to free living from sedentarization.

Jean-François Pirson is an artist-educator, initiated into dance, and an honorary professor at the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Lambert Lombard (Liège). He expresses his relationship with space in various practices: text, drawing, photography, walking, installation and workshops open to the plastic and kinaesthetic experience of the other. Two monographs published by the Cellule architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, in the collection Fenêtre sur, give an account of his approach: Jean-François Pirson, Pédagogies de l’espace – workshops, and Jean-François Pirson, Pratiques de territoire, marches et workshops.

Architecture tames space and time to make them tolerable, habitable, and assimilable by the individual. It answers an existential questioning by creating a house, a home. The architect makes the infinite finite by bringing it down to the scale of his body. It is the human being who draws a circle on the ground, at his size, and decides to live in this perimeter. It is the man of Vitruvius, the foundation of architecture, whose body movements draw a circle.


Practical Information

Saturday 1 October, 2pm
Duration: 2 hours
The meeting point and other practical information will be communicated upon reservation.

 This silent walk will be followed by a guided tour of the Warché exhibition.