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Identity of exile by Leila NOUR JOHNSON

Invited by Fondation Thalie, Leila Nour Johnson proposes to bring together several artistic projects related to collaborations carried out in recent years around the theme “Identity of exile”. This exhibition will take the form of an installation mixing street photographs, video, augmented reality and clothes.

“Our identity is composite, linked to our history, stemming from our family narratives and our sporadic travels, when the country is not devastated by an endless war. We belong neither to here nor there but to the territory where we are at this moment, without borders and without flags. Our rooting is towards the sky and it is constantly being built despite the bad weather. It is essential to understand its history and history in general to try to analyze the growing hostilities and survive in this contemporary world. This project aims at the search for visual identity of forms of exile and its contemporary manifestations; All my photographic or literary research, these constitutive elements of my work, have created a specific environment (also related to geology, vegetation, architecture), my work is to transcribe this environment by creating surfaces of patterns and to symbolically form strata of identities. The need for superposition and my relationship to photography led me to the use of translucent materials. These surfaces are subsequently shaped on a garment, a single piece. Beyond our native land, the identity of exile is rooted in a concept, an idea, a freedom to be. ”
Leila Nour Johnson

Touched by this last sentence representing the spirit he shares with Leila, Laszlo Arnould, friend of Leila, amateur of art and fashion, wanted to contribute to the show and conceive a digital, playful and interactive dimension.

The augmented reality experience will allow you to give life to Leila’s fabrics. The setup of the experience was done with Diogo Heinen, a pationate collaborator at JDi Agency.

– Presentation of the collection of translucent, shaded and colored muslins
– Video 4:45 loop version featuring the clothes worn in urban spaces. Director: Leila Nour Johnson and Morgane Vie / Music: Ina Ina
– Wall Murals around clothes: Morgane Vie and Hugues Lawson-body
– Installation of augmented realities around patterns to activate with a Laszlo Arnould application
– Workshop and fitting room with modeller Léa Deligne

A graduate of ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels), photography section, Leila Nour Johnson is an artist based in Paris. Her creations echo her Afghan origins, history, multiculturalism or even Sufism.