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Masterclass by Véronique Caye & Paul Ardenne: Ecology of images

The Foundation invites the artist and author Véronique Caye in discussion with the writer and curator Paul Ardenne to present Horizon, an artist’s book by Paul Ardenne and Barbara Polla published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the Analix Forever gallery in Geneva last may 2021. A portrait of the artist is woven around a capture of horizons on the Atlantic coast (120 days, 120 horizons), with three contributions by the authors: an interview, a fictional text and a critical text.

A book signing of Horizon and Vera Icona, Abécédaire de l’image scène (Editions Hématomes, 2021) will take place after the conversation.


In biology, ecology means that a plant or animal species can only survive in a certain climate and environment. There are many factors that allow an organism to thrive in a particular habitat, while in another it could not thrive or survive. […] The image evolves, but the ecology, the social context, acts in turn on why and how one makes images.

Ernst Gombrich, Didier Éribon, What Images Tell Us, Arléa, Paris, 2009

Why have images – still or moving – invaded our daily lives? What is the image? What does it do? What does it do to us? Is it the symptom of a society that builds itself up in the invention of a “double in image”, in the face of a reality that is too harsh to bear? What context does it reflect? Paul Ardenne and Véronique Caye present their artistic and philosophical reflections on the ecology of images in the contemporary world.

— Paul Ardenne et Véronique Caye


Véronique Caye is a director and video artist. She graduated in art from the University of Paris VIII and trained at the Fémis and at the College Teatro of the Venice Biennale with Romeo Castellucci. She explores the medium of video through a multiple use of the medium – staging, visual scenographies, videos, photographs, installations, performances and teaching. Through some fifteen shows in France, Europe and Japan and numerous videos, she has developed a dramaturgy of the image that always lets the “poem” dominate the medium. She is the author of Vera Icona, Abécédaire de l’image scène (Hématomes Éditions, 2021). www.victorverite.com

Paul Ardenne
is the author of several books on current aesthetics: Art, l’âge contemporain (1997), L’Art dans son moment politique (2000), L’Image Corps (2001), Un Art contextuel (2002), Portraiturés (2003). Other essays: Extrême (2006), Art, le présent (2009), Un Art écologique (2018), Apologie du Dragster (2019)… He has also curated numerous exhibitions including “Micropolitiques” (Grenoble, 2000), “L’Histoire est à moi! (Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse, 2012), “Paradiso Lussemburgo” (Pavillon du Luxembourg, Venice Biennale 2015), “Humanimalismes” (Paris, 2020), “Courants verts – Créer pour l’environnement” (Fondation EDF, Paris, 2020).


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15 rue Buchholtz, 1050 Brussels
T +32 244 60 343

This event will be available as a podcast on our website and on Youtube