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Équinoxes – poetic platform #3

Poetry is our wind rose, it offers us strength, verticality and resistance to overcome together and each one with us this quarantine to avoid the Coronavirus spreading.
After the success of the two poetic sessions “Equinox” in March, the Foundation which supports art and culture totally essential to life, to vibrate, laugh and dream in the face of this difficult moment, offers a new poetic session on Thursday 2 April at 8.30 pm.

Curator: Pascale Barret

Readers (current list): Cabane feat Kate Stables & Caroline Gabard, Pascale Barret, Sandra de Vivies, Ninar Esber, Christine Guinard, Nathalie Guiot, Christophe Fiat, Chantal Vey, Marie Hazard, Hortense Gauthier, Annabelle Hyvrier Mingorance, Rachel Labastie, Jérôme Poggi, Barbara Polla, Agnès Thurnauer, Rokia Bamba, Suzanne Wathelet, Joana Preiss, Lise Coirier, Sarah Riggs, Aline Fernande, Stéphanie Verrin, Anne Rachine, Sofie Verraest, Sally Bonn, Anne Penders etc.

Cabane: easily we’ll see feat. kate stables & caroline gabard
Sandra de Vivies: Chimère
Christine Guinard: Sorcière, Et même
Jérôme Poggi: Allégeance by René Char
Marie Hazard: N’oubliez pas que je joue by Sonia Rykiel, Judith Perrignon
Nathalie Guiot: poèmes personnels
Rokia Bamba: no compromise (1/2)
Anne Penders: Kalà (la lettre volée, 2017)
Annabelle Hyvrier Mingorance: Le prophète by Khalil Gibran
Suzanne Wathelet: 3 poèmes personnels
Chantal Vey: Over Hill and Dale
Aline Fernande: Le monde à l’Ovaire
Lise Coirier: La Tapisserie de Notre Dame by Charles Peguy
Stéphanie Verin: Utopia by Bernadette Mayer
Rokia Bamba: no compromise (2/2)
Pascale Barret: Les Guérillères by Monique Wittig
Christophe Fiat: Quatrains de quarantaine (poèmes inédits)
Joana Preiss: Pessoa
Barbara Polla: Poélitique, une fusion; À toi bien sûr, berceuse
Ninar Esber: ABU L ALA AL-MA’ARRI, Rets d’éternité
(poems translated from arabic by Adonis and Anne Wade Minkowski)
Agnès Thurnauer: L’oeuf et la poule by Clarice Lispector
Barbara Polla: Poélitique, une fusion; À toi bien sûr, berceuse