Les éditions Thalie produce original and unique artworks in the fields of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and artists’ books.

This book of collages was created by Dalit children aged 12 to 16 at the Meikandaar school in Manachanallur, South India.

Thalie Art Foundation organised a residency programme for artists to teach at the school for three weeks, culminating in a group exhibition of the children’s collages.

This book is the result of their wonderful collective artistic experience.

After reading and analysing this universal fable that speaks to the experiences of adolescents ans adults alike, each student selected a fragment of the story as the starting point for inventing a new chapter in the form of a collage. Made all in one go, these fifteen unique collages in turn became chapters in a new, collectively created book entitled “The Little Prince and a Little Bit more”! This artists’ book is not about the the history of art or the figurative versus the abstract, but rather a practical initiat through collage which has allowed the children to discover their creativity, inspired the work of Saint-Exupéry.

Workshop led by the artist Claudia Radulescu and the author Nathalie Guiot.