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POSTPONED: The “bibliothèque idéale”of Mark Alizart

The Fondation Thalie invites individuals to come and talk about their relationships with literature and to propose their ideal bibliography through five titles, which will feed the Foundation library to make it a shared library, both timeless yet reflective of the current times.

In his latest essay, Le coup d’État climatique (PUF), Mark Alizart advances his thesis that front political agendas conceal a process which favors some economic, political and social players. He thus calls to think about the conditions of a political revolution likely to go against what he calls “carbofascism”

His “bibliothèque idéale”:
Les Écrits Réformateurs by Martin Luther (ed. Flammarion)
La Phénoménologie de l’Esprit by GWF Hegel (ed. Folio essais)
Le Manifeste Cyborg by Donna Haraway (ed. Exils essais)
La Nouvelle Alliance by Ilya Prigogine et Isabelle Stengers (ed. Folio essais)
L’économique et Le Vivant by René Passet (ed. Economica)

Signing of his book Le coup d’État climatique (PUF), following the encounter

Duration: 1h
Language: French

Mark Alizart is a philosopher. He has directed several collective works and catalogues (Fresh Theory, Traces of the Sacred), made a film about and with Stuart Hall and published five essays at the Presses Universitaires de France (Pop Theology and Celestial Computing). He was also responsible for cultural programming at the Center Pompidou (2001-2006), deputy director of the Palais de Tokyo (2006-2011), adviser to the Minister of Culture for the plastic arts (2011-2012). In 2016, he participated in the creation of the “Night of Ideas” of the French Institute with Mathieu Potte-Bonneville.