Les éditions Thalie produce original and unique artworks in the fields of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and artists’ books.

This book of photos was created by Rachel Monosov & Lisa Lapierre with pictures took by the artists in India as well as photograhies by Dalit children from the Meikandaar school in Manachanallur, South India on the occasion of a educational and artistic residency organised by the foundation in January 2017.

During the workshop, Rachel, Lisa and the children created a new world with these tools and examined the power of framing, story telling and imagination to construct a new reality and a strong communication tool in today’s contemporary world.
The kids learned valuable technical and developmental skills while creating profound connections between them, their art and their communities.
Contemporary media is one of our strongest and most powerful tools in communication inside artworld, as well as different aspects of life such as social media. Providing tools and instructions to engage with video-making and photography have strong value in self expression development and communication.
This book is the result of this wonderful collective artistic experience.