Open Call 2019-2020

Open call 2019 for artists and writers

The Evens Foundation and the Fondation Thalie are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019–2020.

European Chronicles

The Fondation Thalie, the Hippocrène Foundation and the Camargo Foundation are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019 – 2020. The call aims at creating a collaboration between a visual artist and a writer, who are invited to propose a collective project engaging with challenges that Europe faces […]


The Fondation Thalie at the Lyon Biennale 2019

At the invitation of the Palais de Tokyo, the Foundation produces and accompanies the artist LIONEL ESTÈVE, who will build a travelling puppet workshop, as part of the Veduta project. As a window on the Lyon metropolis and its inhabitants, Veduta invites everyone to build the conditions for an act, an idea, a thought, an exhibition or an attitude towards art in order to participate in the “permanent creation”. 

A puppet can be built with a thousand things. It involves movement, articulation and representation. There are several moving sculptures in my work as well as recurring references to popular culture.
No matter where you come from, a puppet is a familiar, not frightening thing that can be found in most cultures, from Northern Europe to Asia or Africa. A puppet involves play, gestures and freedom of speech. She can be a spokesperson, a substitute character who speaks or tells for someone else. Guignol is a very famous puppet, she comes from Lyon. Now the puppet theatre is limited to a children’s attraction, whereas originally it was a social satire. My project will involve about ten participants, all from different social backgrounds, living in one of the communes of Greater Lyon and for whom the construction and interpretation of their puppet will allow them to address, by transfer, the fundamental questions with which they are in contact. 

At the end of this workshop which involves a group of inhabitants, several performances will be given during the Lyon Biennale in September 2019, as well as the exhibition of the puppets created. 

Born in Lyon in 1967, LIONEL ESTÈVE lives and works in Brussels. For more than twenty years, he has enjoyed exploring different materials and manual techniques such as glass work, fresco, ceramics, watercolour, collage, sculpture in all its forms… to create assemblages, sculptures, mobiles and installations. Made mainly of poor materials, his work is nourished both by the context and the history of the place where he works. Whether figuratively or abstractly, his delicate visions are inspired by motifs found in the organic world of nature and his sensual experiences, the initial source of this unbridled creativity. Lionel Estève is represented in France by the Perrotin Gallery – Paris. 

The 15th Lyon Biennale / Veduta project
16 & 17 September 2019
 / Professional days + opening