LA COULEUR DES ROISby Simon and Julien Dara

A short film by Simon Dara and Julien Dara
Duration: 21 minutes
With Sébastien Houbani, Malik Zidi, Rachid Djaïdani

Adel is a young co-pilot. One evening, after leaving a routine examination, he was violently attacked by two men who smashed a bottle in his face. Ten days later, Adel receives eye surgery from doctor Nadji Abelhouab, at the Quinze-Vingt hospital. While Nadji diagnoses Adel’s injured eye, the two men discuss their lives modestly. This retelling immerses the viewer three years into the past, when Adel returned to his family. In this we discover the immense pride and the generosity the family has for their prodigal son. During a stroll in the family garden, we gradually become more aware of the violent environment from which Adel managed to escape.