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5th poetic session, tonight at 8:30 pm!

Live on the website of the Foundation

Equinox(s): poetic platform

Équinoxe en ligne 9 avril 2020 © DR

Poetry as a lockdown art. This is the perfect time to draw from ancient or contemporary texts the gems of our great writers and visual artists. Every Thursday evening, the foundation invites you to discover or rediscover the poems of these explorers of thought, with a selection of readings aloud, in music and in images.

Joins us on our website at 8:30 p.m. to listen to our readers (visual artists, poets, authors, choreographers) and escape from your everyday life thanks to the musicality of the texts.

Poetry is our wind rose, it offers us strength, verticality and resistance to overcome together and each one with us this lockdown to avoid the Coronavirus spreading.

Long live Poetry!

Nathalie Guiot


Curator: Pascale Barret

Readers: Nour Awada, Pascale Barret, Mickaël Berdugo, Boris Bergmann, Haleh Chinikar, Suzy Cohen, Lise Coirier, Jean-Philippe Convert, Fabien Defendini, Christine Guinard, Audrey Guttman, Nathalie Guiot, Mélanie Huchet, Caroline Lamarche, Pauline Pavec, Barbara Polla, Professeure Postérieur, Jérome Porsperger, Joana Preiss, Agnès Thurnauer, Stéphanie Verin etc.

Agnès Thurnauer:
Handbook in motion by Simone Forti
Pauline Pavec:
Fleurs et Couronnes by Jacques Prévert (published in Paroles, 1946)
Nathalie Guiot:
L’homme-joie by Christian Bobin
Mickaël Berdugo:
Les cheveux ont raison
Nour Awada:
Dialogue avec la gravité by Ushio Amagatsu (When reading, keep a raw egg near you)
Mélanie Huchet: Zone Grise
Suzy Cohen:
poèmes by Marcel Moreau
Stéphanie Vérin:
Nos pieds engourdis tombèrent dans l’étang by Sandra NAJI
Jean-Philippe Convert:
Fumer créer une forte dépendance, ne commencez pas
Caroline Lamarche:
Renée Vivien
Haleh Chinikar:
Mon frère
Pascale Barret:
Dancing on the edge of the world by Ursula Le Guin
Audrey Guttman:
Poteaux d’angle by Henri Michaux
Boris Bergmann:
Lettre à un esprit confiné, Christ récidiviste
Joana Preiss:
Christine Guinard:
Je n’étais qu’une enfant… (in Stélopé, éd Unicité, 2019) and L’enfance traverse (video)
Lise Coirier:
Daphnis et Chloé: Longus, Ravel et moi
Fabien Defendini
: J’ai vu des villes
Barbara Polla
: série de Haikus

Join us tonight at 8.30 p.m. on our website.


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