Fabien VALLOS Lagunophorie IV

In February and March, Fondation Thalie invites Fabien Vallos for two conferences and two small banquets focusing on the food economy.

The title Lagunophorie is given to a series of small banquets. It is borrowed from the name of an old celebration given during antiquity in honour of Dionysus and means the celebration of the “bottle holders”.

For this second event, Lagunophorie IV, Fabien Vallos will propose to think about a critical history of taste based on the concepts of luxury, collection, distribution and use. The relationship between taste and the history of forms will also be considered. A banquet for twenty-five guests will follow, this time working on twenty-five foods, chosen according to the arrivals and local producers…

Fabien Vallos is theoretician, author, translator, publisher, artist and independent curator. He teaches philosophy at l’École nationale supérieure de la photographie in Arles and l’École supérieure d’art in Angers. His theoretical work consists of developing a genealogy of the concept of inoperability as well as the development of a critical philosophy of work.

Language : french