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POSTPONED: Equinox — 9th Night of Poetry

The Foundation is pleased to welcome the 9th Night of Poetry on Saturday March 21, 2020, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. (Sunday).

A sleepless night where more than ten Belgian international writers and artists will read texts, poems, scenarios, songs, performances and notes throughout the night. This will be an exceptional evening to live in the present moment to celebrate the Spring Equinox, the point in the year when the sun crosses the Earth’s equatorial plane, thus changing the celestial hemisphere and bringing with it lighter evenings.

“The Equinox represents the passage, the opening, the arrival of spring light at the end of the Night, when perceptions change, poetry and music is shared and we celebrate the beauty of words in all languages even as we tire a tribute to all those who have worked to poetize life – Varlam Chalamov in particular – and joy for all of us who try every day, every Night, to poeticize it again.”

Barbara Polla

Born in Geneva in the last century, Barbara Polla is a doctor and researcher. She worked in the 1980s at UCL, with Professor Van Ypersele of Strihou then at Harvard and as research director at INSERM in Paris. She is a writer and passionate about art and poetry. Since 1991 she has been working as a gallery owner and since 2002 as an exhibition curator. She has been interested in moving image since the 1990s, and is currently showing the video installations of Mat Collishaw and the first videos of Pipilotti Rist, Vanessa Beecroft, Annika Larsson. In the 2000s in Geneva she created “Les Nuits des 1001 Videos”, then in 2011 VIDEO FOREVER, in collaboration with Paul Ardenne. She was a creative and critical writing teacher at HEAD from 2014 to 2016. Fervently committed to freedom, whether in her personal life, as a mother (she has four daughters), politician or exhibition curator , she promotes openness, including that of prisons. She has published around thirty books each of which concern the body and the impossible possession of the other; both within her essays, in the genre Art & Prison; and in her erotic poetry, among others. Her poems are also included in various English-language collections. Since 2007, she has organized Nights of Poetry in Geneva, Paris, Athens and Brussels, always in places of art. Equinoxe, hosted by the Thalie Foundation in Brussels, is the 9th of these Nights.


Nathalie Guiot (BE) Author, curator and Founder of the Fondation Thalie
Barbara Polla (CH), doctor, writer, gallerist, politician

Nour Awada (FR) Artist
Sanaz Azari
(BE) Film maker
Pascale Barret (BE) artist, performer, author
Noelle Bastin (BE), Film maker
Boris Bergmann (FR), writer, former resident of the Fondation Thalie
Baptiste Bogaert (BE), Film maker
Nicolas Bogaerts (BE), journalist
Valentine Bonomo (BE), founder of the journal Papier Machine
Jeroen Cantryn (BE), poet
Orianne Castel (FR), philosopher, artist
Véronique Caye (FR) video maker, scenographer
Astrid Chaffringeon (BE), writer
Haleh Chinikar (BE), poet, visual artist
Clément Delhomme(BE) poet, musician
Nicolas De Mar Vivo
(BE), author and editor
Samuel Feller (BE), film maker and producer
Rosanna Gangemi ( BE), philosopher, co-creator of Drome Magazine, co-organizer of the previous Nuit de la Poésie in Brussels
Christine Guinard (BE), poet, classical letters
Stephen Graff (Bruxelles) poet, artist, member of the publishing house/bookstore maelstrOm, co-editor of the Jambon Klaxon journal
Aurélie Gravas (BE), artist and performer
Tiemen Hiemstra (BE), writer
Nikias Imhoof (CH), poet, pianist, photographer
Anne Kerner (FR), videographer, journalist,
Mimi Kunz (BE), artist, writer, founder of the Something Beautiful festival for visual arts and poetry
Rachel Labastie (BE), sculptor, visual artist and performer
Pierre Liebaert (BE), artist, performer
Selçuk Mutlu (BE), artist and poet
Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine (MQ) poet, visual artist and co-editor of the Jambon Klaxon journal
Erik Pardaens (BE), composer, singer
Noah Pardaens, his son
Lucie Pinier (BE), curator of Something Beautiful, festival d visual arts and poetry
Stefan Pollak (BE), gallery owner, co-creator of Drome Magazine, co-organizer of the previous Night of Poetry in Brussels Jérôme Porsperger (BE), vocalist
Alexandra Sebbag (BE), designer, teacher at ENSAV La Cambre
Vincent Van Meenen (BE), writer, performer, student in writing creative
Elya Verdal (BE), poet, “slasheuse”
Accompanied by Virginie Procureur, cellist

Sofie Verraest (BE) writer, founder of Snug Harbor Brussels, and teacher at the KASK Academy of Arts and at the University of Ghent
Thomas Yanez (BE), co-curator of the PERSEVERANCE exhibition
Frédéric Young (BE) author, general delegate of SCAM, SACD, SOFAM

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