La nuit a craché sur le ciel – Études préparatoiresby Nour AWADA

The Fondation Thalie welcomes Nour Awada during a residency from April 2020. The performance she will propose on Thursday May 7 will be the restitution of her research, of which she gives here the state of her thoughts.

“Originally from Lebanon, I grew up in a patriarchal, confessional society torn between the fantasy of the West and Eastern traditions. The intricacies of this cultural fabric complicate attempts at societal change, until the popular revolution of October 7, 2019 throughout the country. It was much later, when I arrived in France, that I realized the extent of the vast project of paradigm changes, specific to any questioning of identity. My feeling of stagnation felt in Lebanon was quickly absorbed by the impression of a world in which events are coming and going at high speed. Some upheavals become obsolete before we have even taken the time to inhabit them. Family, economic and political models are crossed by spectacular changes which sometimes make us freediving; our era is marked by acceleration, which we now value.”

Performance is a means that Nour Awada has chosen to deal with the subject of transitions, without having the ambition to understand why, but rather to question how. Following her latest creation, Le Bruit et le signal, Performance sur la transition # 1, interpreted by data scientists from the company Ekimetrics, she is working on a second performative project, La nuit a craché sur le ciel, which will be presented next October in Paris. Her residence at Thalie is a precious time of research to nourish and develop this new project, and which will give rise to a public restitution of the process in progress.

Nour Awada (1985, Beirut) is a graduate of the National School of Fine Arts from Paris and has been teaching modeling since 2012 as part of adult courses, as well as sculpture in various higher establishments. His artistic practice develops halfway between sculpture and performance. Winner of the François Schneider Contemporary Talent Prize in 2012, the Icart Prize in 2015 and the Françoise International Competition for Contemporary Work in 2018, she is also the founder of LAP – Laboratory of Performance Arts, the first French laboratory dedicated exclusively to research performative. She performs and exhibits regularly in France and abroad, and is currently in residence at the Center for Contemporary Art Le Crédac for a collective performative creation which will be performed by high school students from Ivry-sur-Seine in June 2020.