Visual arts and creative writing residencies

Open call 2021 for a research residency to visual arts and creative writing

You are a visual artist, author, poet, videographer, performer, living outside Belgium and you wish to experiment in your research and share it in an inspiring house, with modernist architecture from the 20s, send us your project! The Fondation Thalie provides a writing workspace with the opportunity for a public presentation within the programme in…


Equinoxe(s) – poetic platform #2

Poetry is our wind rose, it offers us strength, verticality and resistance to overcome together and each one with us this quarantine to avoid the Coronavirus spreading.
After the success of our 1st poetic session “Equinox”, the Foundation which supports art and culture totally essential to life, to vibrate, laugh and dream in the face of this difficult moment, offers a new poetic session this evening at 9 pm.

Curator: Pascale Barret

Readers: Joana Preiss, Mimi Kunz, Haleh Chinikar, Nathalie Guiot, Agnès Thurnauer, Vincent Scarito, Ninar Esber, Cecilia Tello d’Elia, Christine Guinard, Jérôme Porsperger, Mimiko Türkkan, Drita Kotaji, Maeva Croissant, Alexandra Fournier, Natalia de Mello, Mélanie Huchet, Barbara Polla, Suzanne Wathelet, Cabane and Élise Péroi.

Cabane & Elise Peroi : take me home (part 2)
Mimi Kunz : People touch so much in movies
Agnès Thurnauer : 
Dolores Prato, Bas la place, y’ a personne
Haleh Chinikar
 : Require for a dream, geographical injustice
Vincent Scarito
 : Fingers Crossed
Mimiko Türkkan : 24 septembre 1945 de Nazim Hikmet
Joanna Preiss
 : Pessoa (vidéo)
Nathalie Guiot : 
La folle Allure de Christian Bobin
Ninar Esber
 : Même la goutte semble au bord du vase, La plainte du robinet, 2007, Je m’éparpille.
Jérôme Porsperger : Music for a while (upside down)
Christine Guinard : Antonio Machado, pensée pour l’Espagne dévastée
Cecilia Tello d’Elia
 : Tal vez no era pensar, la fórmula, el secreto. de Idea Vilariño
Drita Kotaji 
: Phrases exquises
Maeva Croissant : Le Parasite
Alexandra Fournier : Résister au désastre d’Isabelle Stengers
Mélanie Huchet : Dans mon passé
Pascale Barret : au bord de mer
Natalia de Mello
 : Sculpture for a slime (archives 2019)
Suzane Wathelet
 : Paroles de chansons
Barbara Polla : 
IVORY HONEY, erotic poems