The “ideal library” of Yannick HAENEL

Once a month, the Fondation Thalie invites personalities to come and talk about their relationship with books and to propose their ideal bibliography through five books, which will increase the Foundation’s library to make it a shared library that is both timeless and marked by the times.

YANNICK HAENEL published in February 2019 at Fayard, La solitude Caravage, telling how towards his 15 years, the author had an aesthetic shock. A learning story that transforms itself into a quest for painting. By plunging into the paintings of Caravaggio (1571-1610), telling the violent and passionate life of this great painter, this book tells an introduction to the absolute.

YANNICK HAENEL lives and writes in Paris. He has published a dozen novels at Gallimard, including Tiens ferme ta couronne, Prix Médicis 2017, Les Renards pâles (2013), Jan Karski, Interallié Prize 2009, or Cercle, Prize December 2007. He co-hosts the journal Ligne de risque and holds a weekly column in CharlieHebdo. He directed a film La Reine de Némi (2017) and wrote for the composer Yann Robin, an opera Papillon noir (2018).