Open Call 2019-2020

Open call 2019 for artists and writers

The Evens Foundation and the Fondation Thalie are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019–2020.

European Chronicles

The Fondation Thalie,the Evens Foundation and the Hippocrène Foundation are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019 – 2020. The call aims at creating a collaboration between a visual artist and a writer, who are invited to propose a collective project engaging with challenges that Europe faces today […]


The “bibliothèque idéale” of Laurence Nobécourt

The Fondation Thalie invites personalities to come and talk about their relationship with books and to propose their ideal bibliography through five books, which will increase the Foundation’s library to make it a shared library that is both timeless and marked by the times.

Laurence Nobécourt‘s latest novel, Le chagrin des origines, is a burning tribute to the “way of the word” that allows one to get closer to oneself and give meaning to life. It gives us initiation moments on a steep path: the body exuding psychic suffering; the perpetual quest for the why of this “grief of the origins”.

In an intimate exploration of which Laurence Nobécourt describes the vagaries, the wounded dreams, the illusions and dazzlements, a soul is laid bare, always guided by a faith as free as fervent – and communicative.

Book signing of Le chagrin des origines, after the encounter

Duration: 1h

Laurence Nobécourt was born in Paris in 1968 where she began to write from childhood. Her first book appeared in 1994 under the name of Lorette Nobécourt. She subsequently published novels, stories, poetry, theater, first under the name Lorette Nobécourt and, since 2016, under her true identity. She left Paris in 2007 for the Drôme where she now transmits, through her writing workshops “Living, writing”, her passion for truth and the verb.