The “bibliothèque idéale” by Marie Darrieussecq

The Fondation Thalie invites personalities to come and talk about their relationships with books and to offer their ideal bibliography through five titles, which will feed the Foundation library to make it a shared library, both timeless and marked by time.

Marie Darrieussecq’s latest novel, La Mer à l’envers (P.O.L), depicts with seriousness and humor ,a woman, Parisian, psychologist, mother, whose ordinary life is suddenly challenged by her meeting in the middle of the Mediterranean with a young Nigerian migrant, named Younès, who aspires to reach England. The figure of the exile, of the migrant in search of a refuge and a new life stands out like a literary hero in this fiction.

Signing of her book La Mer à l’envers (P.O.L), following the encounter

Duration: 1h
Language: French

Marie Darrieussecq was born in 1969 in Bayonne in French Basque Country. She has published around twenty books, novels, short stories, biography, theater, essay and she is also a translator. A worldwide success, her first novel Truismes in 1996 recounts the metamorphosis of a woman in a sow. She has received Prix Médicis and Prix des Prix in 2013 for her novel Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes and her work has been translated in many languages. In 2019, she became the semi-annual Chair of writer in residence at Sciences Po in Paris.