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POSTPONED: The “bibliothèque idéale” of François de Smet

The Fondation Thalie invites individuals to come and talk about their relationships with literature and to propose their ideal bibliography through five titles, which will feed the Foundation library to make it a shared library, both timeless yet reflective of the current times.

In 2005, Bobby Henderson, student at the University of Oregon in the United States, decides to create a new religion from scratch; parodic and playful, a kind of ‘pastafarism’, whose god is none other than a “Monster in flying spaghetti”. Today, this invented cult has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, all eager to highlight the absurdities of official religions while having fun questioning the rights they enjoy. . What if behind the joke of ‘pastafarianism’ hid a truth valid for all religions? In the light of great philosophers and the latest research in neurobiology, François De Smet highlights the underestimated importance of play in the invention and dissemination of beliefs and cults. For millennia, we have made gods the most serious entities. What if they were, on the contrary, proof of our frivolity?

Signing of his book Deus Casino, Presses universitaires de France, « Perspectives critiques » following the encounter

Language: French
Duration: 1h

Born in 1977 in Belgium, François De Smet is a doctor of philosophy from the Université libre de Bruxelles (2010, ULB). He collaborates with the Center for Political Theory of the ULB and the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Religions and Secularism (CIERL). From 2015 to 2019, he was director of the Federal Migration Center, Myria, a federal public body responsible for ensuring the fundamental rights of foreigners, informing about migratory flows and combating trafficking and smuggling in human beings. He was a regular columnist for the radio La Première RTBF, La Libre Belgique, Le Vif / L’Express or L’Echo. He is also the co-author of several documentary films. His areas of research are political philosophy and contemporary issues.