Open Call 2019-2020

Open call 2019 for artists and writers

The Evens Foundation and the Fondation Thalie are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019–2020.

European Chronicles

The Fondation Thalie, the Hippocrène Foundation and the Camargo Foundation are launching a call for a research and production residency for the period of 2019 – 2020. The call aims at creating a collaboration between a visual artist and a writer, who are invited to propose a collective project engaging with challenges that Europe faces […]


What can art do in the current European context?

Art as the power to revitalize the city just like tomorrow’s Europe
Today, there is a cultural impoverishment due to a lack of interest in our local traditions in favor of a global industrialization, an omnipresence of the algorithms altering our appetite for discovery, reducing the attention paid to the other, tending to standardize some form of mainstream culture.

At the same time, in political matters, we are witnessing a rise in nationalism, a retreat on oneself leading to fear of the other faced with a growing migratory crisis.

Committed to societal projects involving creators to defend a more united vision of the world, the Thalie Foundation in partnership with the Hippocrene Foundation and the Camargo Foundation, launches a new call for projects, inviting a pair (artist and writer) to reflect on the notion of belonging to a common soil in European countries, to the concept of hospitality, to what unites us as common values rather than to accept its fragmentation. This project will take the form of a production grant and will be presented in a format of exhibition, film or publication in a cultural venue in Europe.

If this project has the vocation to highlight our European roots whithin a patrimonial, linguistic, cultural background that we have inherited, it also tends to remind ourselves that Europe isn’t just about economic matters.
While it was built on the principle of free trade, today it is urgent to think beyond this economic system to provide Europe with a new backbone, composed of different identities ( which is its richness as cultural heritage) and a common humanism carried by a certain form of ideology related to our history (in particular the philosophy of the lights), by a critical spirit and a creativity which advocates transversality. It is also a way to commit to preserving our savoir-faire and our linguistic disparities, against predatory countries like China, Russia or the United States.

At its best, Art opens our consciousness and our knowledge. Art is also a territory that enable differance to meet.
The artist and the writer have a vision of the world different from ours, they grab the reality to re-enchant the world, by the poetry and the power of the images collected during this trip that they will make across Europe .


By Nathalie Guiot, Founder